Blackbird nest

Recently tried a different kind of gardening by removing this blackbird nest from the yard.

Rainbow Lorikeet

On Sunday Jo and I were walking near our home and had crossed the channel, heading toward that patch of remnant bush opposite Toorak Winery, when she looked up and scanned the trees. 

Jo pointed out the Rainbow Lorikeets eating among the blooms and observed they're an unlikely sight in Leeton. 

Their grating chatter is an irritatingly distinctive sound and one she knows from holidays at the coast. 

We speculated they might have escaped from captivity.

Rosella outside nesting hollow

yellow rosella
Leaving work last week and I heard an unusual birdcall. 

Spotted a yellow rosella siting in a tree. 

When he called again, his mate emerged from this hollow and they flew off together. 

So I got excited when returning to work this week to hear the same birdcall and spot the same bird. I had my camera and it had my zoom lens. 

However, the rosella was less excited to see me and mutely sat on the branch. 

I heard the birdcall again after I got inside and watched them fly away while looking through the office window. 

Going to need to improve my stealth skills to get the photo I want of her emerging from their nest.

Lyrebird performance