Swallows swallowing

It was mid-afternoon on Anzac Day when I knew something was happening in my backyard

During the week I’d often observed a single damselfly patrolling the garden, but that afternoon there were around half a dozen.

Soon it was apparent there had been a hatching of some insect that birds like to feed on.

Dozens of birds from various species began circling and bombing, while occasionally pausing to rest on the washing-line.

Mostly dusky wood swallows and welcome swallows, but also a wattle bird I think (although maybe it was a honeyeater).

There was a flurry of flying activity for about 20 minutes in the sunshine, and then they disappeared.

Black-spotted white

Old praying mantis

This weekend an older praying mantis climbed a chair outside the sliding door, which provided a vantage point for taking pics.

However, it seems it was approaching the end of it life, as it has just fallen off the chair and doesn't seem to be moving.

Two butterflies

Black House Spider

Leeton huntsman

This only the third huntsman I've seen in Leeton.

The first was one that emerged from our car after a trip to Pindari, which is near Marrar and that's a Wiradjuri word for a big spider.

Maybe it's an introduced species in our household?